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Healthy green lawn that was recently mowed at a home in Lincoln.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance In Lincoln, NE and other Lancaster County Areas

We offer weekly mowing services with string trimming and blowing, as well as weekly and monthly landscape maintenance.

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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Offered in Lincoln, NE, & the Surrounding Areas.

We offer trimming and pruning, landscape bed weeding, mulch installation, and more in our maintenance services.

A lawn that was recently mowed with grass stripping at a home in Lincoln.

LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU! Together, we can customize lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance programs that allow you to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your welcoming outdoor space.

Choose from any of our CUSTOMIZABLE SERVICES below to create a lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance program that is right for your needs in Lincoln, NE and Lancaster County areas.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Weekly Mowing Service: Mowing, string-trimming, and blowing.

Edging: We will run an edger along your driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and curb lines to cut a clean division between grass and hardscape areas.

We will mow following the 1/3 rule, which ensures enough surface area is left on grass blades for photosynthesis.

Landscape Maintenance Services

A line of recently trimmed shrubs and a small tree at a home in Lancaster County.

Landscape Bed Weeding: Our crew will remove any weeds that emerge in your landscaping beds.

Trimming and Pruning: Keep your landscape bushes, trees, and shrubs shapely and healthy.

  • Trimming is done for the size and shape of plants. Our team will remove rogue or dominant branches to prevent interference with other plants, cars, and buildings. The process helps prevent dead limbs from falling and causing damage and provides an organized look.
  • Pruning is done strictly for health and proper growth. Experienced arborists can spot plant disease and prune accordingly. Selective pruning is the process of choosing which branches to remove to provide the best growth outcomes as a plant matures. Certain plants are also winterized with pruning techniques that allow them to survive the winter to have a healthy return in the spring.

Mulch and Rock Installation: We offer mulch and rock installation to enhance the look of landscaping beds and other areas. Mulch and rock offer much more than great looks; they offer protection to the soil and the enrichment of plants. During the installation of rock, we always place a weed barrier underneath to prevent weeds from sprouting and rocks from sinking into the dirt.

  • Prevent soil erosion - With 1” to 2” of mulch or rock, water can rush over landscaping beds without stripping the topsoil of nutrients, thus keeping plants healthier.
  • Water absorption - A layer of mulch or rock can help lock in water before it is evaporated by the sun, which helps maintain good moisture levels in the soil.
  • Soil insulation - Mulch and rock can act like a blanket, insulating soil from harmful extreme high and low temperatures.

Spring/Fall/Event Cleanups: One-time cleanups to help you prepare for the upcoming season or to spruce up your yard for a special event or party. Yard cleanup services include:

  • Mow/string-trim/edge/blow
  • Landscape trimming
  • Landscape bed weeding
  • Landscape bed reshaping
  • Mulch/rock installation
  • Yard debris removal

Let our crews handle all the hard work!

Call (402) 417-4518 today for full-service lawn and landscape maintenance needs in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding Lancaster County areas.

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