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Close up of our clients irrigation system watering the lawn.

Lawn Irrigation Services In Lincoln, NE and other Lancaster County Areas

We design, install, and repair irrigation systems for commercial and residential properties ensuring your lawn is healthy and green.

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We Provide Lawn Irrigation, Design, & Installation in Lincoln, & the Surrounding Areas.

A professionally designed, installed, and programmed lawn irrigation system is a time-saving investment for property owners.

A well designed and installed lawn sprinkler system requires minimum maintenance, and the resulting green grass and healthy plants enhance your outdoor living space.

We offer drip irrigation. This addition to your lawn sprinkler system waters the plants in your landscape beds at the base of the plant. It can even be added to porch planters!

Forest Lake Lawn and Landscape can refurbish, maintain, or extend an existing irrigation system.

Our service area includes Lincoln, NE and the Lancaster County areas.

Testing an irrigation system that we installed at a property in Lancaster County.

Irrigation Design & Installation Emphasizes Quality

There is not a one size fits all formula for lawn irrigation design. Many factors such as sun exposure, soil type, and slope affect an irrigation system design. That is why with our more than 25 years of experience in the design and installation of lawn sprinkler systems, we know that even a windy day can affect the placement of water on the lawn.

Our emphasis is on quality. Forest Lake Lawn and Landscape will install an irrigation system that uses the necessary number of zones. The heads will be accurately placed and the best nozzles will be chosen to ensure the system targets water distribution with precision. Water conservation is important; rain sensors are a part of every system we install.

Our technicians typically install Rainbird, Hunter, and K-Rain irrigation systems. We carry a certification for the installation of Rainbird and K-Rain to ensure professional service.

Customer Service is important to us. Not only will each client receive an orientation for the working of their irrigation system, Forest Lake Lawn and Landscape will be there to provide sprinkler service and repair well after the initial installation is complete. Through ongoing maintenance, we will help your system stay running its best season after season.

We offer a one-year guarantee on all parts and labor.

Our Irrigation Startups Kickstart Your System & Include Sprinkler Head Testing

We provide an irrigation startup service that ensures your system is ready for the growing season.

Our startups include:

  • Energizing system with water
  • Sprinkler head inspection
  • Zone checks
  • Sprinkler adjustments and repair
  • Clock adjustments

Our air compressor that we use to winterize our client's irrigation system.

Irrigation Winterization Prevents Damage to Your System During Freezing Weather

It’s important to have a professional provide winterization of your irrigation system. As we head into the colder weather in Nebraska, we must prepare our outdoor watering equipment. If systems are not winterized, water left in pipes may freeze and cause damage leading to costly repairs in the spring.

Our irrigation winterization includes:

  • Water turned off
  • Pipes drained
  • Older systems blown clear of water
  • Timers turned off

Benefits of Professional Irrigation Systems Include Healthier Grass, Money Savings, & Increased Property Value

A professionally installed irrigation system carries multiple benefits to home and business owners.

  • Healthier, better-looking grass - Overwatering and underwatering are both dangerous to plant life. A properly installed system will provide just the right amount of water to guarantee proper growth and healthy soil, leading to a fuller, greener lawn and lush plant growth.
  • Money savings - A professional installation helps to ensure sprinkler heads are functioning properly. If sprinklers are damaged they can cause run-off and lead to increased water bills. Experienced technicians can also create zones that require a minimal amount of water to reach every plant.
  • Increased property value - Because of the added curb appeal of great-looking landscaping, professionally installed irrigation systems can increase your property value. According to PocketSense, irrigation systems can add value to your home that exceeds the cost of installation.

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