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Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

Are you tired of spending your time off or weekends doing necessary lawn maintenance? Allow us to create a Lawn Care and Maintenance Program that gives you an outdoor space that is welcoming and time freeing.

Customizable Services

Ongoing Maintenance: Mowing and basic lawn care provided weekly or bi-weekly.

Weed and Fertilization Program: Proper fertilizing with balanced applications throughout the growing season promotes thick, dense grass that helps resist disease and weeds from appearing in the lawn. In addition to fertilization, it is important to identify and act against weeds that could pose a problem to your lawn.

Spring/Fall/Event Cleanups: One-time cleanups to help you prepare for the upcoming season or to spruce up your yard for a special event or party.

Fall Aeration: Aeration is an important and recommended tool used to address the heavy clay soil type commonly found in the Lincoln area. This soil is conducive to compaction, which pushes the air and moisture out of the ground. To address this soil type and resulting compaction, Forest Lake uses a "core aerator", which pulls a two-inch-long core from your lawn. This larger hole allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots for a longer period before closing. The two-inch plug lies a top the turf and slowly erodes, producing microbes which aid the breakdown of thatch in your lawn.

Mulch: Adding mulch to your existing landscape is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Mulch promotes healthy plant life by preventing weeds and retaining moisture. Also, it’s ideal for reducing the amount of water your landscape will need.